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KMines is a simple classic minesweeper game. There's not much to it, there is board with squares on it and either a mine or a number indicating how many mines are under near-by squares hides beneath each square. The objective is to clear the board without stepping on a mine. KMines was made using the KDE libraries. It can be used in any desktop environment.



You click on the board and either left-click to open a square or right-click to plant a flag indicating that a bomb is likely hiding on that square. The game is solved when all squares are cleared. That's it.

KMines allows you to choose either a big or a small board and there are three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal and Expert.

There is support for themes if you want to change it's look. Four are built-in: Default, Classic, Graveyard Mayhem and Gardens of Danger.


Verdict and Conclusion

It's a .. minesweeper game.


KMines has been around for a very long time. Version 2.1.10 looked like this:

KMines 2.1.10.png


KMines homepage is at