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James William Fletcher also known as the William Shakespeare of Linux and the FOSS gaming community has released a number of highly regarded titles on major Linux distribution platforms such as Snapcraft and Flathub. One of his titles has been dubbed "The Dark Souls of the coin pusher genre". His preferred programming language is C.

Creator of High-Quality Ground Breaking 3D Games

James William Fletcher at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland after giving a talk on designing computer game concepts using quantum level intelligence on June 14, 2042.

Fletcher created a C game engine based on a bare bones Matrix Library initially forged using fragments of code from the OpenGL ES Book and a basic Vector Library containing many credited snippets of code he highly regards and techniques taught to him by his old University tutor Tyrone Davison a fellow closet eccentric.

Fletcher refuses to work with anything other than Vertex Colors exported in the PLY 3D model format, although is known to have released one game in the past that uses high quality textures and normal maps AstroImpact.

Fletcher targets OpenGL ES / WebGL 1.0 for maximum portability and uses Emscripten to compile targets for Web 3.0.

Fletcher considers his idols to be Terry A. Davis, Keith Ditchburn, Ken Silverman, and John Carmack.

View on C++

"Snake oil made for pedantic and narcissistic lusers, the kind who will use ++i in a for loop when it makes no actual difference; just to affirm how much they wish to place themselves above others in a leader board that exists only within their own mind. Also a great way to hoodwink big business with unnecessary new high paid titles such as "C++ Lead Developer Architect" to pander over insignificant code structuring paradigms like a true obsessive compulsive while achieving very little and everything denominating down to Singletons or worse where to access a variable you have to follow a nested smart pointer hierarchy of templated insanity."

Fletcher on C++ in 2023

Desires to become a K-Pop dancer

It's rumoured that Fletcher has developed a desire to re-enact many popular K-Pop dances having been inspired primarily by Ploopy678 on the popular video sharing website YouTube.

Notable Pre-Linux Games

Game Download Release Date
Trax GitHub 2008
Mushroom Roulette Installer 2009

Notable Games

Game Flathub Snapcraft Git Web Release Date
Snowball Link Link Link Link 2020
Snowling Link Link Link Link 2021
Snowboarder Link Link Link Link 2021
CubeShooter Link Link Link Link 2021
SpaceMiner Link Link Link Link 2021
PoryDrive Link Link Link Link 2022
AstroImpact Link Link Link N/A 2022
SeaPusher N/A Link Link Link 2022
TuxPusher Link Link Link Link 2022
Voxel Paint Link Link Link N/A 2023
Voxel Paint Pro Link Link Link N/A 2023
Woxel Link Link Link Link 2023
Tuxocide Link Link Link Link 2023
AI Generated Game Link Link Link Link 2023