Isolated, in sunlight

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Isolated, in sunlight
Isolated in sunlight.jpg
Original author(s)Traction and Brainstorm
Operating systemWindows
Size18 MiB
TypePC scene demo

isolated, in sunlight is a Windows scene demo made for the Revision 2020 Party demo competitions. It is not very exciting or very impressive, it is, in fact, kind of boring. The only remotely interesting about it is that it's a piece of Windows software with graphics which makes it a fun thing to test in Wine staging and development versions just to see if it runs or not.

isolated, in sunlight can run on resolutions between 1024x768 and 4K (selectable from a start-up menu). It is not very well optimized, parts of the demo will load even higher-end graphics cards at 100% displaying nothing very impressive or advanced and parts of it will run just fine at high resolutions on modest hardware.

Graphics back-end

WINEDEBUG=+d3d,fixme-all,warn+cursor,+relay wine isolated.exe reveals that it uses 32-bit OpenGL.



                 isolated, in sunlight 
                Traction and Brainstorm

                       a pc demo
            for the ill-fated Revision 2020


  programming and visuals by preacher
  soundtrack by romeo knight

  skybox photography by Jockum Skoglund aka hipshot
  textures from (CC Attribution 4.0)
  old man photo by George Desipris on Pexels
  fmod by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
  a mersenne twister implementation from somewhere
  and borrowed bits of shaders from assorted places


  greetings, love and appreciation to:

  alcatraz, altair, asd, adapt, brain control, 
  conspiracy, epoch, excess, farbrausch, ivory labs, 
  kooma, lnx, logicoma, mercury, mfx, orange, satori, 
  still, synesthetics, tbl, ümlaut design, vaahtera

  and all my other friends in the scene. I miss you and
  hope to see you in person soon again.


  Wow, it feels good to release a demo again. Somehow,
  in the middle of a busy life, career a toddler and
  a quarantine, there was a bit of time to work on
  things again. I wasn't supposed to make anything 
  for Revision, not really having followed the scene 
  for a while, but Revision being moved to an online 
  made it possible to participate in a proper way. I 
  am quite pleased with the result even if it was done
  quickly and on top of a demo engine upgrade started 
  in 2017, which made things quite a bit more difficult
  than they should have been. Sometimes you start going
  to a place and find yourself somewhere completely
  different, and it feels all right. This is one of
  those times.

  Finally, I would like to extend my special love and 
  gratitude to Romeo Knight for picking up the 
  soundtrack duty on an extremely short notice and 
  making a killer job of it. This demo would not exist
  without you. 

  Stay safe.

      - Preacher



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