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Hrktorrent is a discontinued outdated CLI BitTorrent client written using rasterbar's libtorrent library. It has not been updated since 2011. The only Linux distribution which still includes it is Gentoo. Compiling it on other modern distributions may be problematic as it expects a rather old version of libtorrent.

Features and usability

It really doesn't have any features. Or much in terms of usability either. Hrktorrent needs to be started from the command-line and these are the available switches:

--minport         - start port range (default: 6881)
--maxport         - end port range (default: 6999)
--maxdown         - download speed limit (in kb/s) (default: unlimited)
--maxup           - upload speed limit (in kb/s) (default: unlimited)
--nodht           - disable dht (default: on)
--noupnp          - disable upnp (default: on)
--noseed          - disable seeding (default: on)
--forcereannounce - reannounce every X minutes (default: 2)
--downloaddir     - set the target directory (default: .)
--ipfilter        - enable ip filtering (default: off)

--verbose         - print verbose messages (default: off)

A simple use-case for downloading fedora.torrent would be:

example: hrktorrent --minport6500 --maxport6600 --nodht fedora.torrent

Verdict and Conclusion

It does not have a GUI, it does not have a terminal ncurses interface and it doesn't support many of the modern features you expect from a bittorrent client. It can download torrent files which use trackers if you manage to compile the thing.

Hrktorrent is outdated and not worth your time or consideration.

rTorrent is a much better choice if you want a BitTorrent client running in a terminal.