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Creating a new package in AUR can be done in 3 minutes. You need git (run git gui) and an AUR account.

  • create an AUR account at
  • generate ssh keys and upload the pubkey into your new AUR account (
  • adopt an orphaned package at AUR from the package menu at AUR website
  • git clone the former orphan, modify and upload (git push) the package from "git gui" , using your credentials from the AUR account (git gui preferences menu)
  • Done! You now have your own package accessible for millions of Arch derivate users such as Manjaro.

If you like confusing and unnecessarily complicated mis-guides, then read the official wiki , repos on the subject matter.

Now you get the drift. Creating an altogether new package follows the same scheme essentially: git init , add remote (with say, gitlab or lauchpad) and so forth.