Hacker Emblem

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Hacker Emblem

The Hacker Emblem is a symbol for the hacker culture which was proposed by Eric S. Raymond in October 2003.


Raymond himself explained the symbol as:

"The Linux folks have their penguin and the BSDers their daemon. Perl's got a camel, FSF fans have their gnu and OSI's got an open-source logo. What we haven't had, historically, is an emblem that represents the entire hacker community of which all these groups are parts. This is a proposal that we adopt one — the glider pattern from the Game of Life."[1]


The symbol can sometimes be seen as ASCII art. Examples of this include:

.o.    |_|0|_|    [ ][*][ ]    [ ][0][ ]    0 1 0    
..o    |_|_|0|    [ ][ ][*]    [ ][ ][0]    0 0 1    
ooo    |0|0|0|    [*][*][*]    [0][0][0]    1 1 1