HOWTO get SELinux manual pages on RHEL and Fedora

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SELinux can be difficult to configure when you do not know how. Luckily there's the possibility to get manual pages listing the various configuration options you need for a service or program. These are, for some reason, not something you get "just get" when installing something unless you have the package selinux-policy-devel installed.

Getting the missing SELinux maunals

SELinux manual pages are automatically generated when you install a package like httpd if and only if you have installed selinux-policy-devel (which pulls policycoreutils-devel too).

Manual pages will be installed when that package is present on Fedora, RHEL and CentOS systems.

However, any package already installed will NOT get manual pages just by installing that package. However, you can generate them with sepolicy[1] using this command:

sepolicy manpage -a -p /usr/share/man/man8

That will take some time. Run mandb to update the manual page index when it's done.

You can find a large list of SELinux manual pages in our System administration manual page index.