HOWTO Dump audio streams from the Internet

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You may want to save audio from radio streams or even video streams for later so you can jump in the file, cut, edit or just re-listen when you want to.

The simplest way of doing this from the command-line is to use ffmpeg. Simply specify the input-stream you'd like with -i for input and add -vn for no video and finish with the output filename you want.

To dump the radio you could use the command:

Shell command(s):
ffmpeg -i -vn mymusicfile.mp3

That would automatically transcode the music to MP3. Add -c:a copy to tell ffmpeg to just plainly copy the audio and use the same extension as the stream to avoid any transcoding:

Shell command(s):
ffmpeg -i -vn -c:a copy mymusicfile.ogg

Saving lossy streams in their original format is generally better than transcoding to another format as the end-result will be worse than the original stream.