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Gabriel DropOut
Satiana, one of the more interesting characters from Gabriel DropOut.
(Gavurīru Doroppuauto)
GenreEducational, Comedy, Supernatural fiction
Anime television series
Directed byMasahiko Ohta
Produced byShinpei Yamashita
Kazuya Chiba
Noritomo Isogai
Toyokazu Chūtō
Keisuke Arai
Mitsuhiro Ogata
Written byTakashi Aoshima
Music byYasuhiro Misawa
StudioDoga Kobo
Licensed by
Northern America
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun Television, Nippon BS Broadcasting, Kyoto Broadcasting System, GBS, MTV, Shizuoka Broadcasting System
English network
Southeast Asia
Animax Asia
Original run January 9, 2017 March 27, 2017
Episodes12 + 2 OVA (List of episodes)
Written byUkami
Published byASCII Media Works
English publisher
Northern America
Yen Press
MagazineDengeki Daioh G
DemographicShōnen manga
Original runDecember 27, 2013 – present
Volumes9 (List of volumes)
Tapris SugarStep
Written byUkami
Illustrated byBafako
Published byASCII Media Works
MagazineDengeki Daioh G
Original runAugust 27, 2018 – present
Volumes2 (List of volumes)

Gabriel Dropout is as very compelling Japanese cartoon about the dangers of video game addiction. The shows main character, Gabriel, is an angel who visits earth to go to school. She gets addicted to MMO video games almost immediately after she arrives. This causes her to loe all interest in school and everything else outside of her MMO video game world.

The Japanese Gabriel Dropout cartoon series can serve as a warning to anyone who thinks video games are harmless and non-addictive. This cartoon clearly illustrates how video games can be very addictive, dangerous and problematic.

The cartoon-series is based on a Japanese comic book series with the same name.


Gabriel Dropout is very popular on an obscure Internet anime forum called "/g/".

Episode list

There are twelve episodes and two "bonus" episodes in the animated cartoon series.

Episode one introduces the characters. It starts with the 16 years old angel Gabriel White Tenma being sent to Earth so she can go to a human school. Gabriel immediately becomes addicted to MMO computer games. She looses interest in everything else, including school. The result is a dark and dirty halo. Her friends are introduced. They are: Vignette April Tsukinose, Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa, Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha. Raphiel is, like Gabriel, an angel. Vignette and Satanichia are daemons from hell.

Episode two is all about Gabriel and her friends in making dinner in the high-school. The main course is a strange fish Satanichia brought from a lake in hell.

Episode three is mostly about coffee and the hard work that goes into making a good cup of coffee. Gabriel takes a once-a-week job in a coffee shop and her friends come visit her. Satanichia doesn't appreciate good coffee, much to the cafe-owners frustration. Vignette, on the other hand, thinks it's "delicious".

Episode four starts with Gabriel, Vignette and Raphiel discussing a trip to the beach in a class-room at school. They invite Satanichia along and then they all go to the beach. Everyone except Gabriel, who prefers sitting under a parasol, feeding her video game addition, plays and has fun at the beach.

Episode five starts with the angel Tapris Sugarbell Chisaki coming to earth to visit her friend Gabriel. They meet but Tapris does not recognize Gabriel and mistakes for a punk due to Gabriel's mean attitude and appearance. Raphiel comes along and recognizes Tapris and tells her that the punk is actually Gabriel. Tapris does no t know about Gabriel's video game addiction and mistakenly thinks it is Satanichia, not video games, that turned Gabriel into a mean and very lazy careless slob. Vignette tries to make friends with Tapris but Gabriel comes along and reveals that Vignette is a daemon. This makes Tapris very afraid and she runs away. Tapris re-thinks the implications of Vignette being a daemon and comes back and agrees to have tea with her, which makes Vignette immensely happy. The episode ends with Tapris trying to rehabilitate Gabriel. She quickly realizes that Gabriel's too far gone and gives up.

Episode six is about the dangers of television and TV-shopping. Satanichia discovers the "Hell Shopping Network" and starts buying things she does not need. The buys a gun and brings it to school. Gabriel takes said gun and uses to shoot Satanichia. Satanichia does not die because she is, after all, a daemon. The gunshot causes Satanichia to start laughing uncontrollably. Satanichia challenges Gabriel to a game contest later that week. Gabriel wins the game by cheating.

Episode seven takes place during a school holiday. Gabriel stays inside and plays her computer game. Vignette goes to the park and plays ball and then she goes home and takes a bath. Vignette's stipend from hell is reduces because she's not behaving bad enough. Frustrated, she tries to learn how to be a evil. That doesn't go all that well since Vignette is a very kind-hearted person, evil just isn't in her nature.

Episode eight is about two stories. First, there's a sports competition. Then Gabriel joins the school cooking club to get a free meal. She enjoys her free meal and promises everyone in the cooking club a place in heaven.

Episode nine takes place on Christmas day. Satanichia wants to do evil and ruin Christmas. She goes to Vignette to enroll her in her evil plan but Vignette doesn't want to. Raphiel is already tehre when Satanichia arrives. Raphiel hypnotises Satanichia and makes her believe the Christmas holiday celebrates lemon bread. The hypnosis holds for a while and but then Satanichia remembers what Christmas is about. Vignette and Raphiel tie Satanichia up when she tries to ruin Christmas. Gabriel comes over and they eat and then they go to a shrine. The episode ends with Gabriel and Raphiel going to visit heaven while Vignette and Satanichia goes home and visits hell.

Episode ten takes place in heaven and hell where all the girls except Gabriel enjoys their veccation. Gabriel is bored without her computer games which were confiscated when she entered heaven in episode nine.

Episode eleven begins with Satanichia rescuing a evil stray dog from execution. The apartment building she lives in does not allow pets, so she decides to move. She quickly realizes that she can't afford to because she spent all of her stipend from Hell on the Hell Shopping Network. Satanichia takes her dog and runs away. Meanwhile, Gabriel asks asks the owner of the cafe she works at, who happens to own an apartment complex, if he could allow Satanichia to rent an apartment for her and her dog and he agrees. Gabriel calls Satanichia and tells her that she's found an apartment and Satanichia returns back home. Episode twelve begins with Gabriel shaking in fear because her mean strict no-fun rule-obeying arch angel older sister is coming to visit her. Older sister is very righteous and Gabriel fears she will be very upsetif she learns what a lazy video-game addicted slob Gabriel has become. Gabriel decides to pretend she's a good little sister in order to fool her older sister. Older sister is not fooled and not amused, she had been watching Gabriel a while and knew she was a lazy video-game addicted good-for-nothing before she even got there.

Older sister drags Gabriel to a re-education camp in heaven in an attempt to "save her" from herself. Gabriel comes back all cute and reformed. It turns out that she's not really reformed, she's just acting all good in case her older sister is watching. Older sister is watching and catches Gabriel being bad when Gabriel think she's not able to see her. She comes and tries to drag Gabriel back to heaven for more re-education but Gabriel refuses. Gabriel begs her to let her stay in the human world. Older sister agrees and says she will stay there with Gabriel and "rehabilitate her". Satanichias dog appears out of no-where and it scares older sister away. Gabriel is saved, older sister is gone can Gabriel can keep on being a video-game addicted slob. And that's how the cartoon series ends.

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