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Just some random free software jokes. Mostly based on true experiences.

The Food Critic

A food critic goes to a restaurant, has a meal, considers how it tastes and what the experience was like and goes home and writes a review. A bad review, almost hurtful, because the food tasted horrible, the restaurant was generally filthy and the male waiter wasn't wearing any pants.

The restaurants head chief reads the review and gets very upset. He calls the food critic and says:

- "Have you written a patch and submitted it in a bug report?"
- "No", says the food critic, "I have not. I'm not a chief, I'm a good critic.".
- "Well, then you should shut up and nobody is forcing you to eat at my restaurant anyway!"

Others working at the restaurant get as upset by the review as the head chief. The chief who actually cooked the meal had this to say:

- "I worked so hard on this! Can you cook any better meal? I'd like to see you write your own damn recepie and cook it and make it taste better than the meal I cooked!"

- "Feel free to fork or write your own damn meal!" said rindolf, a waiter at the KDE restaurant who's worked there for years.

Another KDE waiter, goodger, got equally upset. He sat on his lap, fueling is rage, and two weeks later he called, filled with anger, and said

- "You are being asked nicely to be quiet and go away", shouted "goodger", clearly glad he could vent his anger about something everyone else forgot about long ago.

This joke is based on actual responses from the KDE "community".