Fr-043: Rove

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Fr-043: Rove
Fr-043: Rove in Wine 6.8.
Fr-043: Rove in Wine 6.8.
Original author(s)Farbrausch
Initial releaseApril 2010; 11 years ago (2010-04)
Operating systemWindows, DirectX 9
Size90.6 MiB (fr-043.exe @ 3.6M & fr-043.pak @ 87M)
TypePC scene demo

Fr-043: Rove is a PC demo scene demo for Windows created by the Germans for the BREAKPOiNT 2o1o demo competition. It won second place. You can get the demo to sort-of run in Wine on Linux by installing some DLLs and killing PulseAudio, though you won't get any sound.

The Secrets To Running Fr-043: Rove In Wine

Simply running the fr-043 on a nice and clean Wine 6.8 installation results in the following uninformative message:

"Exception occured in Windows Message Loop. Code = c0000005, Address 0000005aeaa0.
Stack trace:
1. ??? (EIP=005aeaa0)"

Very informative Wine message. Very clear, very useful.

We have absolutely no idea what the CodeWeavers corporation mean by this.

"Anonymous user" gave these helpful hints in a comment on Gallium Nine:

"Also for Fr-043 try overriding d3dx9_42.dll and d3dcompiler_42.dll to native... as many WINE dlls are many time broken/unfinised/etc... 🤣

Copy original dlls in a Fr-043 folder and override with WINEDLLOVERRIDES="d3dx9_42=n;d3dcompiler_42=n" wine fr-043.exe"

We proceeded to using winetricks to install the native library technology.

  1. Run winetricks (with the right WINEPREFIX= if you use separate WINE prefixes for different things)
  2. Select Select the default wineprefix. It won't use your default wineprefix if you run say
    WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine-gallium-nine" winetricks
    It will just say that it is using the default prefix because winetricks is made by people who foolishly forgot to think about what the menu entries in it say under various scenarios, it will in reality use whatever WINEPREFIX= you've set.
  3. Select Install a Windows DLL or component
  4. Select d3dx9_42 and d3dcompiler_42
  5. Click OK

The result is that your machine's WINEPREFIX= becomes infected with four binary blob Windows files:

  • drive_c/windows/syswow64/d3dx9_42.dll
  • drive_c/windows/system32/d3dx9_42.dll
  • drive_c/windows/syswow64/d3dcompiler_42.dll
  • drive_c/windows/system32/d3dcompiler_42.dll

These glorious new files allow you to run the Fr-043: Rove demo if, and only if, PulseAudio is disabled. You can disable it by running:

systemctl --user stop pulseaudio

PulseAudio may remain alive or get re-spawned by some application using it anyway, so verify that it's really dead with:

pgrep pulseaudio

Try this if it's still alive:

systemctl --user mask pulseaudio
killall -9 pulseaudio

You can, optionally, start PulseAudio again once you have tested Fr-043 by running:

systemctl --user unmask pulseaudio
systemctl --user start pulseaudio

Fr-043 in Wine 6.8 - with no audio. You can, of course, not tell that there is no audio by the screenshot, but trust us, it's not there.

You will make sure there is no PulseAudio running, fr-043 will produce this error if PulseAudio is running if you use Gallium Nine:

"C:\svn2\altona\main\base/types2.hpp(41): out of mem: tried 55M, align 16, flags 0000001 (free 0 of 0, largest 0)
Stack trace:
1. ??? (EIP=}5c326e76"


..or you get this informative message if you try to run it with wined3d while PulseAudio is running:

"\.graphics_dx9.cpp(3718): d3d error 8007000e (14): E_OUTOFMEMORY (Ran out of memory)
Stack trace:"


We do not know if there is some alternative solution that makes it possible to run this demo with sound or why it crashes horribly if PulseAudio is enabled.



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