Fr-025 : t h e . p o p u l a r . d e m o

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Fr-025 : t h e . p o p u l a r . d e m o in Wine 6.8 with the Gallium Nine DX9 driver.

fr-025: the popular demo
Original author(s)Farbrausch
Initial releaseApril 21, 2003; 18 years ago (2003-04-21)
Operating systemWindows, DirectX 9
Size8.5 MiB, 8854016 bytes (unpacked, fr-025-final2.exe)
TypePC scene demo
Website /

fr-025: the popular demo is a PC demo scene for Windows by the German demo group Farbrausch. It was released at the Breakpoint 2003 demo party held in Bingen, Germany, between April 18th and April 21st 2003. It one first place in the Breakpoint 2003 PC demo competition and it deserved it, it is still a really good-looking demo with a compelling sound-track and nice graphics after nearly 20 years.

fr-025 is one of the few demo scene demos using DirectX9 that work perfectly with Wine's wined3d DX9 implementation, Gallium Nine and DXVK. It is therefore a great for doing comparisons between the three.


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Der neue Farbrausch.
.                                                   .
:: f r - 0 2 5 :   t h e . p o p u l a r . d e m o ::
:�                  final.version                  �:
.                                                   .
.       . �                                
         :                            ..
              fiver2: direction, visuals.
                     chaos: code.
                   wayfinder: music.
sarah hill: character rig, animation & choreography.
  giZmo: character design, modelling and weighting.
                   mike may: vocals.
              tiberius: character bones.
             phaser: additional graphics.
               jeff oxborrow: recording.
                 ronny: pre-recording.
              ��::::::: :::::::�:.:::::�
  ...... ......... :::::: �::::::::  ... ..........
����� ����� �������::.:::..::�:::::� � �������������


        visit us at

the final.version offers a few options: 

you  can  select  your  desired   screen  resolution. 
there  are  some  optimisations  that  make  1024x768 
perform particulary well. 
if your display has a  non-standard aspect ratio like 
16:10, you can tell the demo to adjust for that. 

"windowed" and "loop demo" will do exactly that. 

if your graphics card  drivers are up to date and you 
have DirectX 9.0a installed, you can switch on multi-
sampling to  enable anti-alias.  this increases image 
quality  a  lot,  but  may  also  rise  compatibility 
problems. tip:  try 320x240 with multisampling,  that 
looks cool :-)

if you encounter problems running this demo,  you can 
choose "low image quality". 
this  will  reduce  some  internal  buffers  yielding 
better  performance, lower  memory  requirements  and 
makes things a bit ugly. 

if  the demo runs  jerky you  might try  to "wait for 
vblank".  on  some systems it makes things better, on 
others it makes things worse. 

if  you  enable  the  benchmark mode,  the  demo will 
display a benchmark  value after it is finished.  but 
don't take that value too seriously... 


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