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Facebook is the worlds most widely used social media platform. It is owned by the American firm Facebook, Inc. which also owns well-known services like instagram and WhatsApp as well as the Oculus virtual reality platform.

Ties to Government Surveillance

Peter Thiel was one of Facebook's largest investors early on[1]. Thiel's company Palantir has developed what they call "pre-crime software" which is able to detect signs that someone will commit mass shootings or other serious crimes[2]. Palantir happens to be a contractor for the U.S. intelligence community and Palantir happens to have a branch in Israel.

Impact On Society

A report by Amnesty International titled "Surveillance Giants", published November 19th 2019, describes Facebooks impact on society as:

"The surveillance-based business model has created an architecture that has not only drastically shrunk and restricted the “private sphere”, but at the same time isolated people from one another, as each individual engages with their own highly personalised experience of the internet, uniquely tailored to them based on algorithmically-driven inferences and profiling. "

Amnesty International: "Surveillance Giants"[3]


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