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dvd::rip was a DVD backup and encoding program based on the Gtk+ GUI written in Perl. It was the best GNU tool for converting DVD discs and images into XviD and DivX media in it's time. It has not been updated since 2010.

Features, and the lack thereof

"dvd::rip is excellent for ripping and encording DVD discs into XviD so you can share them with your friends and strangers on your local friendly P2P network."

Our original review in 2006

dvd::rip was a fine piece of software in it's time. DVD discs are not exactly common in $current_year and formats like xvid are no longer trendy.

dvd::rip lacks support for all the formats that are relevant in $current_year such as HEVC, VP9 and so on. It is outdated and no longer useful.

What it looked like

These are screenshots of dvd::rip version 0.97.10 which was released in April, 2006:


Dvdrip-0.97.10-cip and zoom.png