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DVDStyler is a free software DVD authoring application which allows you to create professional-looking DVDs with multiple titles and menus using existing video files. It was written by Alex Thuering and is available for GNU/Linux and Windows.

The interface


The interface is splitt up in three tabs, directories (files), buttons and backgrounds. The main application area is where you create DVD menus.

You first add backgrounds and buttons and video files and then assign which button should start what video file.

Hot redhead friendly

DVDStyler is fairly easy to use once you learn the application. It takes a geek about 5 minutes to figure it out. Hot redheads also find this application easy to use once a geek shows them how to (ab)use the interface.


DVDStyler is not a video editing program. It allows you to pick existing video files and use them to create a DVD. You must first make the actual video titles using video editing software like Kino etc.