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DOSEMU is a discontinued DOS emulator / virtualizer which allwed you to run MS-DOS software naively on your CPU. This had obvious speed advantages over the updated and current alternative DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an entire computer common to the area when MS-DOS was popular while DOSEMU would run software directly on the CPU. This performance-difference mattered around the turn of the century. Today it's a non-issue.

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DOSEMU has not been updated since 2007. It is still possible to download and try to use it but there is little point and DOSBox really is a better, updated and more versatile alternative for running DOS software.

You can get the latest version of DOSEMU which is 1.4 from if you are really curious. Be aware that you will have a hard time getting this 2007-era software running on a modern distribution in 2019. Your millage will vary.