Corsair TX650W Power Supply

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The Corsair TX 650W is a single-rail 80% efficient power supply from Corsair that was sold around 2008-2011. It features nice yellow branding on the sides of the PSU.

The Corsair TX series for PSUs was discontinued and later revived. The later generation of TX power supplies feature white branding instead of yellow.

Our test of the Corsair TX650W[edit | edit source]

Our test of this power supply begun in 2009 using a AM3 based Phenom II system. It was further tested with a FM2 A8-8600 system and it was later tested with a AM4 Ryzen 1600X.

The power supply held up and did a good job in the various test systems and configurations until it died a silent death in November 2017.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

The Corsair TX 650W PSU was a fine power-supply that lasts about 8 years of daily use.

The death of the Corsair TX 650W[edit | edit source]

The death of this PSU was rather odd. We turned the PSU test system off and went for a walk in the woods. Two hours later the test system refused to turn on. There were no stand-by lights on the motherboard and no other signs of life either. Testing of just the PSU outside of the test system revealed that it was very dead.