Alex Deucher

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Alex Deucher
Kernel code reviewed by Alex Deucher
OccupationSoftware developer
EmployerAMD Open Source Lab (since December 2007)
Known forLarge contributions to the Linux kernel, Mesa and providing us with AMD graphics related patches within hours of us loudly complaining about crashes and other issues

Alex Deucher is one of the key developers working for the AMD Open Source laboratory. He is notable for huge contributions to the AMD graphics drivers in the Linux kernel.

Alex Deucher can, if he is in the right mood and you catch him at the right time, provide patches for AMD graphics related problems within hours. It can also take days or weeks before he shows up with a fix.

Notable Quotes

"Would you really merge a bunch of huge cleanups that would potentially break tons of stuff in subtle ways because coding style is that important? I'm done with that myself. I've merged too many half-baked cleanups and new features in the past and ended up spending way more time fixing them than I would have otherwise for relatively little gain."

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