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  • AntiWord
    AntiWord is a outdated command-line utility for converting document files created by Microsoft Word to either Ascii or PostScript. It has not been updated since 2005. The word processor Microsoft Word has been updated many times since then and it's file format has been changed time and time again over the years.
  • Parole
    Parole is a really simple video player made with the Xfce desktop environment in mind. Xfce is not required and it has few dependencies which makes it suitable for other light desktop environments like LxQt. It has a playlist which supports drag and drop from file managers and a simple toolbar at the bottom with play/pause buttons. It is fine for watching video files as long as their are in a very standardized format and error-free.
  • Htop
    htop is a small useful ncurses-based cli system monitoring program which lists the systems processes. It has colors (unlike regular top) and the ability to scroll both vertically and horizontally to see programs full comamnd lines. htop can sort processes by CPU, memory, user, priority and quite a few other metrics. There is also a tree view which groups processes by parent. It can re-nice and kill processes with the Fn keys. htop can be very useful simple monitoring of both servers and workstations.
  • Whiskermenu
    Whiskermenu is an optional menu for the Xfce desktop environment. It can be added to panels as a button you can press to get a menu which is different and in some ways a bit more advanced than the regular Xfce menu. Some distributions like Manjaro Linux use Whiskermenu as the default menu in the Xfce variant.
  • Marble
    "Marble Virtual Globe", or just Marble, is a free geographical map and atlas program with some navigation features. It can show maps as a flat map or number of other view-modes like gnomonic. It has some navigational features which can be used for route planning. There is a offline mode but it's not useful. It is built on the KDE libraries but it does not require the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Marble is the only free software map program for GNU/Linux desktop machines which makes it the best free software map viewer available for that platform.
  • Redshift
    Redshift is a color temperature adjusting tray application which gradually shifts the connected displays colors so there is less blue light depending on the time of day at the detected or configured location. It is similar to the dumb "blue light" filters which are built into monitors.
  • Thunar
    Thunar is a powerful (but way inferior to KDE Dolphin) yet easy to use a file manager made with the Xfce desktop environment in mind. It supports drag and drop, three different main folder views (icons, compact list and detailed list), remote folder access (nfs, samba, ftp, cameras and more) using the gvfs back-end, plugins using a API and many are available (e.g. archive-plugin, media-tags-plugin, etc.) and user-defined context menu entries. It can be customized in many ways. Thunar works great for launching files in external programs and it's fine for moving and copying files around.
  • Ublock Origin
    Ublock Origin is the by far best web garbage filter. It is available as a browser extension for Chrome/Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. It is almost essential to get a good browsing experience on the modern world wide web. It can be configured to use a variety of filters from diverse sources making it a great all in one filtering solution.
  • Dooble
    Dooble is a free software web browser made using the Qt toolkit's webview module. It's github page describes it as "A colorful Web browser". Releases are made for Windows, MacOS and Debian. It can be compiled for other GNU/Linux variants beyond Debian as well as FreeBSD but ready-to-use releases are not made. Compiling and installing it on GNU/Linux systems beyond Debian is not that difficult if you are a wizard but it is not strait-forward if you are clueless. The Debian installation README is useful on such a GNU/Linux variant. Once installed it's a working browser.
  • PokerTH
    PokerTH is for playing Texas-Hold'em Poker on internet server and chatting. Heavily censored politically-correct user names. comes with some lame avatars. Neat high-score web-tables here (is the #1 guy a cheater or a bot?). Many bingo losers at the table. Folds even on big blind. highly customizable. with auto-fold and auto-call and hand calculator. mid october 2019, AUR managed to break the PokerTH package. It all went downhill from there…
  • Endless OS
    Endless OS from Endless Computers is a GNU+Linux operating system loosely based on Debian with a tablet-like skin on top of a customized GNOME 3 desktop environment. It is designed to be very easy to use and people with little to no computer skills who are somewhat familiar with smartphones and tablets may feel right at home. It has automatic updates with no user interaction and license terms which are so bad they make the licenses of competing operating systems like Windows and MacOS sound free in comparison.
  • Tzclock
    tzclock, short for "Timezone Clock", is a very nice-looking configurable analog clock program for GNU/Linux desktops. It is by default dull and uninteresting and it default face doesn't even have a second hand. Don't let that fool you, it is very configurable and it is easy to make it be a very nice analog clock.
  • Strawberry
    Strawberry is a database-oriented music player made for enjoying large music collections. It supports all the common audio file formats. It has many more advanced features like metadata tag editing, album art and song lyric fetching, audio analyzer and equalizer and "scrobbler" support for a variety of services. Strawberry started as a fork of the long-dead Clementine player which was based on Qt4. Strawberry uses the more modern Qt5 framework for it's graphical interface. It is a decent player as of version 0.6.3.
  • F-Droid
    Fdroid icon.png
    F-Droid is a free software Appstore and software repository for the Android operating system. The F-Droid app can be used to install a large variety of free software from F-Droid's own community repository as well as other third party repositories. Only free as in freedom to view and modify the source software is allowed in the F-Droid repository. Software with botnet and tracking features are allowed. Such applications are marked as having "anti-features" and it is possible to configure them to be hidden from the list of visible applications.
  • Tee
    tee is a small program in GNU coreutils which can redirect input to a file while piping it on to another program as standard output. This can be really useful if you want to do two things with one program's output.
  • Ristretto
    Ristretto is a simple image viewer designed with Xfce in mind made using the GTK2 libraries. It can be used to browse through the images in one folder and that's about it. Ristretto does not have any easy way of quickly switching between folders and zoom settings applied to one image is not applied to the next. It is not great as a general-purpose image viewer.
  • KDE Connect
    KDE Katie.png
    KDE Connect is a KDE technology which allows you to securely synchronize and control devices. It is available for Linux, Android, Windows and Mac. A device with KDE connect can be used to control music playback or send SMS messages or transfer files and many other things on another device running KDE connect.
  • Jami
    Jami is both a peer to peer voice over IP client program which supports secure voice and video communication over the Internet using SRTP to carry communications data and a custom protocol for service discovery using a distributed hash table (DHT). Jami does not rely on or need central servers to call other people using the same program. Jami is a great choice for making secure phone calls over the Internet using Android phones as long as those you want to talk to are also using Jami. The Linux version is utterly useless.
  • CoreCtrl
    CoreCtrl is a graphical system monitoring and performance tuning program for controlling a machines performance characteristics as well as it's fans. It has a global as well as per-program profiles for CPU governor and GPU performance levels. It has graphs for monitoring and several information layouts which show detailed incriminating information about the system it's running on.
  • Eagle Island
    Eagle Island is a typical 2D platform game set on an island with obstacles such as evil birds, man-eating plants and mushrooms. You play a red-haired hero who abuses his bird to kill all the things on the island that's out to get him. The game is non-free in terms of both freedom and price. There is a free to play demo as well as a paid full edition available on Steam with versions for Linux and Windows and something called "mac OS".