Chapter 10. More on variables

Table of Contents
10.1. Types of variables
10.1.1. General assignment of values
10.1.2. Using the declare built-in
10.1.3. Constants
10.2. Array variables
10.2.1. Creating arrays
10.2.2. Dereferencing the variables in an array
10.2.3. Deleting array variables
10.2.4. Examples of arrays
10.3. Operations on variables
10.3.1. Arithmetic on variables
10.3.2. Length of a variable
10.3.3. Transformations of variables
10.4. Summary
10.5. Exercises

In this chapter, we will discuss the advanced use of variables and arguments. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Declare and use an array of variables

  • Specify the sort of variable you want to use

  • Make variables read-only

  • Use set to assign a value to a variable