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ZCash is a crypto currency with a 20% developer mining tax and built-in optional anonymity. It may become the currency of the future. All we need is the right major Windows-exploit and the nations will be forced to accept the GNU World Order and a mosaic of competing currencies with a limited supply and sensible secure properties.

This is a comparison of hardware and software that can be used to mine ZCash in order to profit. Be careful sharing any personal information when adding to the table or a bunch of cry-baby sour loser leftist may show up and protest.

Results may/will vary with different hardware/software setups!

  • Please make sure to add as much information as possible.
  • Please mention what specific version of the miner software you are (ab)using.
  • Please add a new row if you have updated your software/setup and have different results so it is possible to compare with results from older versions.
  • Please feel free to describe the OS you are using it's actual name if you feel doing so is preferable to calling it what it is.


CPU-mining ZCash isn't really viable or profitable compared to using GPUs.

CPU Sol/s OS Software Info
i7 6700K 30 Microsoft Botnet 8.1 kost/feeleep (AVX2) nheqminer
i7 4770k 23.5 GNU/Linux nheqminer 6 of 8 threads
AMD FX 8320 17 Microsoft Botnet nheqminer
i7-5500U 11.67 GNU/Linux kost/nheqminer
i5-3470 11.2 GNU/Linux nheqminer
AMD A8-7600 CPU 8.03 GNU/Linux kost/nheqminer
AMD Athlon 5350 5.22 GNU/Linux kost/nheqminer


Card Sol/s OS Software Notes
RX 480 8GB 113 GNU/Linux optiminer
RX 480 4GB 165 Microsoft Botnet 8.1 Claymore v7
R9 280X 166 Microsoft clayminer v7
R9 380x 4GB 75 Botnet clayminer 5
R9 280 71 Microsoft Botnet clayminer
Radeon 7970 164 Microsoft clayminer v7
R7 350X 15 Microsoft Botnet 8.1 claymore v6
AMD A8-7600 APU 6.5 GNU/Linux optiminer