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Task Manager is a simple Xfce program capable of showing the processes running on a system along with grahpics showing total CPU usage, memory usage and swap usage. It is simpler than top and htop in terms of features. It be used to terminate, identify or prioritize processes. The very basics a task manager should have are covered but it does lack more advanced features like GPU monitoring, listing a processes open files and things like that.

Features And Usability

Xfce task manager v1.2.2.

Task manager presents a list of running processes and graphs indicating CPU use, memory use and swap use on the top of the window.

The process list can be sorted by CPU use, name, memory use and pid. Right-clicking on a process brings up a menu where processes can be stopped, terminated, killed or prioritized.

The upper left corner of the task manager has a arrow button which can be used to identify other windows. Clicking on a window high-lights the process running that window.

A search field in the upper right corner lets you search for processes using keywords.

There is not much more to the Xfce Task Manager.

Xfce Task Manager will be launched if you have the CPU graph panel plugin and you click on the graph.

Verdict And Conclusion

The Xfce4 Task Manager is not nearly as powerful as top and htop. It is fine if you want a list or processes and you want to terminate one or change its priority. It is limited if you want to do anything beyond that. htop a better alternative. It is not a graphical program, it is for terminals only, so it may not be a great option if you want a graphical task manager. But is far more powerful.

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