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Please stick to changing what you want to change on pages, don't put edit: and things like that on the page. The pages here have a "history" tab where it's obvious you've edited it and it's fine. You can use the "discussion" tab if you feel you need to justify your edits. You probably don't, if something works for you and you make the page say that use-case works it's fine. Nobody's going to challenge that. This is, after all, a review site. It's not a "fact" site with a requirement of "citation needed". Most articles are subjective. Writing "X is great when it's used for Y with configuration Z" is fine and you don't need to provide sources or justify it. Just make changes and replace text but do make sure it looks like an article and not a discussion forum afterwards. --Chaekyung (talk) 07:45, 13 July 2019 (UTC)