Second Mesa 19.1.0 release candidate is now available with Radeon and Intel fixes and two bugs blocking a final release

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Mesa 19.1.0 is scheduled to be released at the end of May but this could be delayed due to regressions shown by the piglit and cts-runner tests used to determine if there are bigger regressions in new code.

The blocker bugs are:

  • #110302 - [bisected][regression] piglit egl-create-pbuffer-surface and egl-gl-colorspace regressions
  • #110357 - [REGRESSION] [BISECTED] [OpenGL CTS] cts-runner --type=gl46 fails in new attempted "41" configuration

There are also many improvements, specially for users of Intel and AMD hardware, since the release of Mesa 19.1.0 RC1. These are:

  • radv: Do not use extra descriptor space for the 3rd plane.
  • anv: Fix limits when VK_EXT_descriptor_indexing is used
  • kmsro: add to two of the kmsro drivers.
  • meson: Force the use of config-tool for llvm
  • travis: fix syntax, and drop unused stuff
  • softpipe/buffer: load only as many components as the the buffer resource type provides
  • radv: clear vertex bindings while resetting command buffer
  • i965: Fix BRW_MEMZONE_LOW_4G heap size.
  • i965: Force VMA alignment to be a multiple of the page size.
  • i965: leave the top 4Gb of the high heap VMA unused
  • i965: Fix memory leaks in brw_upload_cs_work_groups_surface().
  • iris: Use full ways for L3 cache setup on Icelake.
  • winsys/amdgpu: add VCN JPEG to no user fence group
  • anv: rework queries writes to ensure ordering memory writes
  • anv: fix use after free
  • anv: Use corresponding type from the vector allocation
  • vulkan/overlay: keep allocating draw data until it can be reused
  • st/mesa: fix 2 crashes in st_tgsi_lower_yuv
  • freedreno/ir3: fix rasterflat/glxgears
  • radv: fix setting the number of rectangles when it's dyanmic
  • Revert "glx: Fix synthetic error generation in __glXSendError"
  • panfrost: Fix two uninitialized accesses in compiler
  • panfrost: Only take the fast paths on buffers aligned to block size