Mesa 19.0.8 released with fix for major blunder in 19.0.7

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It turns out 19.0.7 wasn't meant to be the last 19.0.x release due to a rather major blunder in that release: A screw-up in calls to dri2_surf which made several drivers totally unusable.

This will likely affect nobody since Mesa 19.1.1 and 19.0.7 were released just days ago and distributions haven't had much time to include it down-stream.

Mesa 19.0.8 adds a calloc to dri2_surf so it's properly zeroed. There is nothing else new in this minor mesa 19.0.x version; The only reason nMesa 19.0.8 was released was to fix that minor glitch which made several graphics drivers unusable.

You should absolutely upgrade to either 19.0.8 or 19.1.1 if you are using Mesa version 19.0.7 for some reason. Downgrading to 19.0.6 would also be an option if your distribution have put you on 19.0.7 and there's no packages for later versions just yet.

The source for the new version is available at

published 2019-06-27last edited 2019-06-27

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