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ktouch is the program you want if you want to learn how to type using the touch-system. It is designed just for this purpose and it does what it is supposed to do very well.

Patience is the key

You need to learn patience if you want to learn how to type using touch. You need to type slowly, slower than normal, the first few weeks. It is worth it because you will be able to type a lot faster after a month or two if you learn the basics of the touch system and stick with it.

Ktouch will teach you


Ktouch shows you the text it wants you to type and a layout of the keyboard. The keys where your fingers should rest are shown by round bubbles.

The key you are supposed to press is highlighted. If you look at the above image then you will see that T is highlighted and there is no round bubble around the F key. This indicates that you should use the finger resting on the F key when you press T.

"Do as your told" and be patient. Touch will come to to. You will, in time, be able to type fast as a l33t kickass hax0r.