Indian state reportedly Saved 430 Million USD by using to their own Ubuntu-based Linux distribution in Schools

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The Indian state of Kerala, with a population of 33 million, is using Linux on about 200,000 computers in schools and the cost-savings are adding up. And the advantages of using entirely free software their education system don't stop there.

"We feel the key advantage of going for free OS is the ability to study, share, edit and publish without restrictions. In the education sector, this dissemination value is more crucial than costs"

Anjali Krishnan, a school teacher, to the financialexpress on May 14th, 2019

The Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education is using their self-developed Linux distribution named IT@School GNU/Linux 18.04. It is essentially Ubuntu's LTS version with educational software customised for the school curriculum on top.

Moving to free software is in the wind this year. The The South Korean government is also switching to Linux.

Is it finally the year of the Linux desktop?