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Fosdem is a ree and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting.

Fosdem 2006

Fosdem 2006 will be a 2 days event 25 and 26 February, organized by volunteers, to inform the public that use of Free and Open Source software is very good for them and that the alternative is slavery to A and/or The Corporation.

The event will take place in the city of Brussels.

Many people, including myself, view the Belgium FOSDEM meetings as the best Free and Open Source events in Europe.

Free for the poor

Entrance and attendance to FOSDEM talks and tutorials are free. Getting there is not, unless you happen to live close by. The event is free because of donations. The official Fosdem 2006 website explains how you and your corporation can give the illusion that you are kind well-meaning people by donating.

Pictures from FOSDEM can be e-mailed to who then publishes the pictures, if they are worthy, at

BitlBee developers

It should be mentioned that BitlBee developers Wilmer van der Gaast (wilmer on #bitlbee), Sjoerd Hemminga (lucumo) and Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer/ctrlsoft) will be attending FOSDEM (again) in 2006.

The following #bitlbee (at oftc) channel regulars will also be present:

  • veli
  • larstiq
  • samboniker
  • SiD3WiNDR (somewhere, somewhen)

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