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Ubuntu version 20.04 from April of 2020 codenamed "focal fossa" referring to cryptoprocta ferox, as the Latin name goes. A fossa is a cat-like creature from Madagascar. fun fact: The generic name crypto procta refers to how the animal's anus is hidden by its anal pouch, from the Ancient Greek words crypto- "hidden", and procta "anus".

a cat-like fossa
a cougar-like fossa

written by Ff. published 2020-04-02last edited 2020-04-28

The workstation .ISO can be installed with ZFS as the / filesystem. Other distros than Ubu are reluctant to adopt ZFS for fear of legal ramifications, which is credible considering what they do with Snowden and Assange.

By supporting ZFS, Ubuntu, which for years was considered a lamer distro, is starting to kick serious l33t butt again, or shall we say "procta"...


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the fossa’s personal website is
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