Fedora 30 released with GNOME 3.32, GCC 9 and LUKS2 for disk encryption

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This latest Fedora release has Linux kernel 5.0, Mesa 19 and a lot of other updated packages compared to the previous release. It is now available in Workstation (GNOME), KDE, XFCE4, LxQt and a server flavor.

It is available for x86-64 machines as well as ARM, AArch64, S90x and Power systems.

Notable for the server edition is the inclusion of PHP 7.3 and Linux System Roles. The latter is a way of using rather simple configuration files to configure a set of services.

For desktop users a polished GNOME 3.32 may be attractive. Fedora 30's GNOME has a refreshed icon theme and a more polished UI. There's also XFCE4 and KDE spins as well as two new desktop spins for those who can't stand GNOME and their "make it user-friendly by removing choices and features" policy: Elementary and Deepin.

The base packages in Fedora 30's release are:

  • GCC 9.0.1
  • Bash 5.0
  • GNU C Library 2.29
  • Mesa 19.0.2
  • PHP 7.3
  • Python 3.7.3

The official place to download Fedora 30 is getfedora.org. You may find that it's quicker and easier to use torrent.fedoraproject.org since that's just one simple page with an overview of all the spins and flavors - no clicking around required.