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Howto recycle this sites content

How to recycle and reuse articles originally made in the t2t (txt2tags) format

Most of the pages on this site are made in the txt2tags (t2t) format and published under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. The articles licensed under GNU FDL have a link to a *.t2t.tar.bz2 at the bottom of the page. This file contains the t2t source text, used images and other files used or included on the page.

You must have txt2tags installed to use these files. Download and install the Unix/Linux (packages available for Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Conectiva, Slackware) or the Windows (txt2tags-win) version.

Now unpack a file downloaded from this site:

tar xfvj recycle.t2t.tar.bz2

You will find atleast one file ending with .t2t, in most cases both a *.no.t2t (Norwegian) and *.en.t2t (English) version. These can with ease be turned into .html pages:

txt2tags -t html

Practial command line options when using these pages as part of a site include --noheaders and --toc, refer to the Txt2tags User Guide by Aurelio for details.

Reusing this sites content is not stealing. You are allowed to do so.

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