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Anti-Spam Policy

We do not accept junk mail messages.

  1. Postfix

It is the policy of this site to fight junk e-mail in any way available, including but not limited to:

Posting, forwarding and publicly displaying the e-mail, sending copies to any and all postmasters involved, sending copies to any and all persons listed as administrative, technical, and billing contact according to the current WHOIS database for the offending site(s), sending copies to upstream providers, blocking individual known junk-mail senders and blocking entire offending domains.

Fraudulent and/or deceptive e-mail will be forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission for investigation and possible legal action.

We fully supports the Spamhaus Project and Block Lists and the razor database.

1. Postfix

We are using the anti-spam Postfix configuration available at:

Download the postfix spam filters we use (These mostly updated when spam is added to our in-boxes):

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