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Apache: A good Webalizer.conf for the Webalizer Apache Log Analyzer utility

Webalizer is a great tool to get detailed information about your websites visitors. It generates pretty graphs and useful numbers like daily unique visitors, page impressions, bytes served and so on.

  1. Why Webalizer?
  2. Your logs
  3. A nice webalizer.conf configuration

1. Why Webalizer?

Webalizer has not been updated since April 2002, that is two years before this article appeared on the net. Yet Webalizer remains a powerful, efficient and elegant tool loved by many. Why? It is written in pure optimized C and therefore faster than many other similar tools.

Also, it supports parsing partial log files, meaning you can rotate your log files without breaking any of the statistics.

1.1. Install

How to Install it:

  • Fedora Users without apt can install it by
    • up2date -i webalizer
  • Apt users can install webalizer with:
    • apt-get install webalizer
  • Gentoo Linux users can install it with
    • emerge webalizer
  • The source can be downloaded from mrunix and compiled on most Linux and Unix systems.

2. Your logs

Webalizer works out of the box with standard Apache and Apache2 logs, standard being the Apache 1.3 and 2.0 log format called combined. A correct Apache log setting looks like this:

  CustomLog logs/access_log combined

How it looks

Daily usage graph
Visitors by country

There are many other numbers and graphs that are generated by webalizer.

3. A nice webalizer.conf configuration

This configuration has a wide range of SearchEngine and GroupAgent entries that make your logs show more aqurate and detailed information about your visitors.

  LogFile  /your/webroot/statistics/logs/access_log
  OutputDir /your/webroot/statistics/webstat/
  HistoryName	/your/webroot/statistics/webstat/webalizer.hist
  Incremental	yes
  IncrementalName	/your/webroot/statistics/webstat/webalizer.current
  PageType	htm*
  PageType	cgi
  PageType        php
  PageType        shtml
  DNSCache	/var/lib/webalizer/dns_cache.db
  DNSChildren	10
  Quiet		yes
  FoldSeqErr	yes
  HideURL		*.gif
  HideURL		*.GIF
  HideURL		*.jpg
  HideURL		*.JPG
  HideURL		*.png
  HideURL		*.PNG
  HideURL		*.ra
  IgnoreURL       /webstat
  SearchEngine    search=
  SearchEngine   terms=
  SearchEngine   q=
  SearchEngine   q=
  SearchEngine  KEYWORDS=
  SearchEngine    aolsearch       query=
  SearchEngine ask=
  SearchEngine       ask=
  SearchEngine     q=
  SearchEngine       word=
  SearchEngine   query=
  SearchEngine     q=
  SearchEngine  queryString=
  SearchEngine  s=
  SearchEngine  search=
  SearchEngine    query=
  SearchEngine      query=
  SearchEngine q=
  SearchEngine  query=
  SearchEngine      q=
  SearchEngine req=
  SearchEngine        search=
  SearchEngine     q=
  SearchEngine    dpxml   qkw=
  SearchEngine       keywords=
  SearchEngine      query0=
  SearchEngine      q=
  SearchEngine    excite  search=
  SearchEngine    q=
  SearchEngine      q=
  SearchEngine      k=
  SearchEngine   q=
  SearchEngine    google  q=
  SearchEngine       MT=
  SearchEngine      query=
  SearchEngine    qt=
  SearchEngine     query=
  SearchEngine       qr=
  SearchEngine       query=
  SearchEngine        q=
  SearchEngine    looksmart       key=
  SearchEngine       query=
  SearchEngine    metacrawler     q=
  SearchEngine q=
  SearchEngine    msxml   qkw=
  SearchEngine    serachfor=
  SearchEngine       query=
  SearchEngine    search=
  SearchEngine       qr=
  SearchEngine    q=
  SearchEngine    openfind        query=
  SearchEngine    Keywords=
  SearchEngine   q=
  SearchEngine    popdex  query=
  SearchEngine     q=
  SearchEngine      qt=
  SearchEngine        q=
  SearchEngine    search.earthlink        q=
  SearchEngine       search=
  SearchEngine    syndic8 ShowMatch=
  SearchEngine    technorati      query=
  SearchEngine    teensearch      query=
  SearchEngine       q=
  SearchEngine     q=
  SearchEngine    texis   q=
  SearchEngine    voila   kw=
  SearchEngine    walhello        key=
  SearchEngine     key=
  SearchEngine    webcrawler      searchText=
  SearchEngine       q=
  SearchEngine        q=
  SearchEngine     q=
  SearchEngine    yahoo   p=
  GroupAgent      Check&Get       Program: Check&Get (Bookmark Manager)
  GroupAgent      eXactSite       Program: eXactSite (HTML authoring. stupid user!)
  GroupAgent      FavOrg  Program: FavOrg (Bookmark Manager)
  GroupAgent      Fetch   Program: Fetch (Offline browser)
  GroupAgent      GetRight        Program: GetRight (Download Manager)
  GroupAgent      HTTrack Program: HTTrack (Website Copier)
  GroupAgent      Lachesis        Program: Packet Loss Report (
  GroupAgent      lachesis        Program: Packet Loss Report (
  GroupAgent      MSFrontPage     Programming: Microsoft FrontPage (stupid user!)
  GroupAgent      Offline Program: Offline Explorer (Offline Browser)
  GroupAgent      Powermarks      Program: Powermarks (Bookmark Manager)
  GroupAgent      SuperBot        Program: SuperBot (Web Site Copier)
  GroupAgent      Teleport        Program: Teleport Pro (Offline Browser
  GroupAgent      WebStripper     Program: WebStripper (Offline Browser)
  GroupAgent      WebZIP  Program: WebZIP (Offline Browser)
  GroupAgent      Alcatel-        Device: Alcatel Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      AvantGo Device: AvantGo (Offline Browser)
  GroupAgent      Blazer  Device: Blazer (PalmOS browser)
  GroupAgent      DoCoMo  Device: I-mode Compatible Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      Elaine  Device: Palm browser
  GroupAgent      Ericsson        Device: Ericsson Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      MOT-    Device: Motorola Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      jBrowser        Device: WAP Browser jBrowser (built by Jataayu)
  GroupAgent      Liberate        Device: Liberate (Digital TV)
  GroupAgent      Mitsu   Device: Mitsubishi Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      Nokia   Device: Nokia Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      Panasonic       Device: Panasonic Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      PHILIPS-        Device: Philips Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      SAGEM-  Device: SAGEM Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      SAMSUNG-        Device: Samsung Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      SEC-    Device: Samsung Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      SHARP-  Device: Sharp Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      SIE-    Device: Siemens Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent      SonyEricsson    Device: Sony/Ericsson Mobile Phone
  GroupAgent        Device: (WAP browser)
  GroupAgent      WebGo   Device: Offline Browser WebGo (Windows/CE)
  GroupAgent      WebTV   Device: WebTV
  GroupAgent      AmphetaDesk     RSS: AmphetaDesk
  GroupAgent      Awasu   RSS: Awasu
  GroupAgent      FeedDemon       RSS: Feed Demon
  GroupAgent      Feedreader      RSS: FeedReader
  GroupAgent      FeedOnFeeds     RSS: FeedOnFeeds Reader (
  GroupAgent      FeedValidator   RSS: Feed Validator
  GroupAgent      MagpieRSS       RSS: MagpieRSS (PHP-based reader)
  GroupAgent      MyHeadlines     RSS: MyHeadlines (
  GroupAgent      NetNewsWire     RSS: NetNewsWire
  GroupAgent      NewsGator       RSS: NewsGator
  GroupAgent      Newz    RSS: Newz Crawler
  GroupAgent      nntp//rss       RSS: nntp//rss (
  GroupAgent      Radio*  RSS: Radio Userland
  GroupAgent      Oddbot  RSS:
  GroupAgent      PocketFeed      RSS: PocketFeed (Pocket PC RSS reader)
  GroupAgent      PostNuke        RSS: PostNuke CMS
  GroupAgent      SharpReader     RSS: SharpReader
  GroupAgent      Syndigator      RSS: Syndigator
  GroupAgent      Syndirella      RSS: Syndirella
  GroupAgent      UltraLiberalFeedParser  RSS: Ultra Liberal Feed Parser from Mark Pilgrim
  GroupAgent      Wildgrape       RSS: Wildgrape NewsDesk
  GroupAgent      china   SpamBot: china local browse 2.6
  GroupAgent      cloakBrowser    SpamBot: Fantoma
  GroupAgent      compatible)     SpamBot: Pretends to be Mozilla 3.0
  GroupAgent SpamBot: Referrer Spam for
  GroupAgent      DTS     SpamBot: Beijing Express Email Address Extractor
  GroupAgent      EmailSiphon     SpamBot: EmailSiphon
  GroupAgent      fantomBrowser   SpamBot: Fantoma
  GroupAgent      fantomCrew      SpamBot: Fantoma
  GroupAgent      Franklin        SpamBot: Franklin Locator
  GroupAgent      Finder  SpamBot: Mac Finder
  GroupAgent        SpamBot: Atomic Harvester 2000
  GroupAgent      Industry        SpamBot: Industry Program
  GroupAgent      IUFW    SpamBot: IUFW Web
  GroupAgent      IUPUI   SpamBot: IUPUI Research Bot
  GroupAgent      Lincoln SpamBot: Lincoln State Web Browser
  GroupAgent      LinkSweeper     SpamBot: LinkSweeper
  GroupAgent      Microcomputers  SpamBot: Franklin Locator
  GroupAgent      Missauga        SpamBot: Missauga Locate
  GroupAgent      Missigua        SpamBot: Missauga Locate
  GroupAgent      NationalDirectory       Spambot: National Directory Email Harvester
  GroupAgent      Rainbow SpamBot: Under the Rainbow
  GroupAgent      Shareware       Spambot: Program Shareware
  GroupAgent      stealthBrowser  Spambot: Fantoma
  GroupAgent      Sweeper Spambot: Mail Sweeper
  GroupAgent      WEP     SpamBot: WEP Search
  GroupAgent      Xenu    SpamBot: Xenu
  GroupAgent      348NorthNews    Spider:
  GroupAgent      Spider:
  GroupAgent      antibot Spider:
  GroupAgent      http://Ask.24x.Info/    Spider:
  GroupAgent      ASPseek Spider: free search engine software
  GroupAgent      aspseek Spider: free search engine software
  GroupAgent      augurfind       Spider: (Swiss Search Engine)
  GroupAgent      Baiduspider     Spider:
  GroupAgent      BarraHomeCrawler        Spider:
  GroupAgent      BBot    Spider:
  GroupAgent      Bilbo   Spider:
  GroupAgent  Spider:
  GroupAgent      BlogBot Spider:
  GroupAgent      Blogosphere     Spider:
  GroupAgent      BlogPulse       Spider:
  GroupAgent      BlogShares      Spider:
  GroupAgent    Spider:
  GroupAgent      Spider:
  GroupAgent   Spider: Weblog BookWatch
  GroupAgent   Spider: The World as a Blog (
  GroupAgent Spider:
  GroupAgent      CJNetworkQuality        Spider:
  GroupAgent      combine Spider:
  GroupAgent      COMBINE Spider:
  GroupAgent      CoolBot Spider: (German Search Engine)
  GroupAgent      CoologFeedSpider        Spider: CoolLog
  GroupAgent      CopyHunter      Spider: AWstats referrer log analyzer
  GroupAgent      daypopbot Spider:
  GroupAgent      Ecosystem/development   Spider: Blogging Ecosystem
  GroupAgent      EgotoBot        Spider:
  GroupAgent      ETS     Spider:
  GroupAgent   Spider:
  GroupAgent      Exalead Spider: (AOL France)
  GroupAgent      FAST    Spider: All The Web
  GroupAgent      Fast    Spider: All The Web
  GroupAgent      Feedster        Spider:
  GroupAgent      FlickBot        Spider: DivX Networks FlickBot
  GroupAgent      Gaisbot Spider: GAIS ( )
  GroupAgent      GalaxyBot       Spider:
  GroupAgent      Genome  Spider:
  GroupAgent      Gigabot Spider:
  GroupAgent      Google* Spider: 
  GroupAgent    Spider: Links SQL
  GroupAgent      grub-client     Spider:
  GroupAgent      htdig   Spider: htdig (Open Source Search Engine)
  GroupAgent      ia_archiver     Spider:
  GroupAgent      INGRID/3.0      Spider: (Dutch search engine)
  GroupAgent      InternetSeer    Spider: (Web Site Monitoring)
  GroupAgent      internetseer    Spider: (Web Site Monitoring)
  GroupAgent      IXE     Spider:
  GroupAgent      janes-blogosphere       Spider:
  GroupAgent      jiffe   Spider:
  GroupAgent      k2spider        Spider: Verity Spider
  GroupAgent      larbin  Spider: larbin (
  GroupAgent      Spider: GZIP Tester
  GroupAgent      Linkbot Spider: Linkbot link monitoring tool (
  GroupAgent      LinkHype        Spider:
  GroupAgent        Spider:
  GroupAgent      LinkWalker      Spider:
  GroupAgent      LNSpiderguy     Spider: Lexis-Nexis
  GroupAgent      MnogoSearch     Spider:
  GroupAgent      mogimogi        Spider: (Japanese Search Engine)
  GroupAgent      MSNBOT  Spider:
  GroupAgent      MyWireServiceBot        Spider:
  GroupAgent      NaverRobot      Spider: (Korean Search Engine)
  GroupAgent      Netcraft        Spider: Netcraft Web Survey
  GroupAgent      NetResearchServer       Spider:
  GroupAgent      NIF     Spider:
  GroupAgent      NG/1.0  Spider: (AOL France)
  GroupAgent      NITLE   Spider:
  GroupAgent      NPBot   Spider:
  GroupAgent      NRK-bruker      Spider:
  GroupAgent      Openbot Spider: OpenFind (
  GroupAgent      Pompos  Spider:
  GroupAgent      Popdexter       Spider:
  GroupAgent      psbot   Spider:
  GroupAgent      QuepasaCreep    Spider: (Spanish site)
  GroupAgent      Robozilla       Spider: Link Checker for
  GroupAgent      Scooter Spider: Altavista
  GroupAgent        Spider:
  GroupAgent      semanticdiscovery       Spider:
  GroupAgent      SideWinder      Spider: Infoseek
  GroupAgent       Spider: Inktomi
  GroupAgent    Spider:
  GroupAgent      Spinne  Spider:
  GroupAgent      Steeler Spider: Kitsuregawa Laboratory, The University of Tokyo
  GroupAgent      SurveyBot       Spider:
  GroupAgent      Syndic8 Spider: Syndic8
  GroupAgent      Tagword Spider: Tagword -
  GroupAgent      Teoma   Spider: Teoma 
  GroupAgent      Teradex Spider: (directory)
  GroupAgent      Terrar  Spider:  Terrar (
  GroupAgent      Technoratibot Spider: Technorati
  GroupAgent      T-H-U-N-D-E-R-S-T-O-N-E Spider: Webinator (
  GroupAgent      timboBot        Spider:
  GroupAgent      TurnitinBot     Spider:
  GroupAgent        Spider:
  GroupAgent      Vagabondo       Spider:
  GroupAgent      verzamelgids    Spider:
  GroupAgent      VoilaBot        Spider:
  GroupAgent      W3C_Validator   Spider: W3C Validator
  GroupAgent        Spider:
  GroupAgent      WebCapture      Spider:
  GroupAgent      Webclipping     Spider:
  GroupAgent      WebFilter       Spider:
  GroupAgent      WebGather       Spider: City Polytechnic of Hong Kong
  GroupAgent      WebRACE Spider: WebRACE (University of Cyprus, Distributed Crawler)
  GroupAgent        Spider: (Monitoring System)
  GroupAgent      Zealbot Spider:
  GroupAgent      ZyBorg  Spider:
  GroupAgent      curl    Programming: curl library (PHP)
  GroupAgent      Indy    Programming: Indy (Delphi-based client)
  GroupAgent      Java    Programming: Java-based client
  GroupAgent      Jakarta Programming: Jakarta (Java)
  GroupAgent      libwww-perl     Programming: LIB-WWW (Perl library)
  GroupAgent      LWP:    Pogramming: LWP: : Simple (Perl library)
  GroupAgent      OPWV-SDK        Programming: OpenWave Mobile Development SDK
  GroupAgent      PEAR    Programming: PEAR Library (PHP)
  GroupAgent      PHP     Programming: PHP-based client
  GroupAgent      Python-urllib   Programming: URLLIB (Python library)
  GroupAgent      rdflib  Programming: rdflib (Python RDF library)
  GroupAgent      RPT-HTTPClient  Programming: RPT-HTTP (Java)
  GroupAgent      Snoopy  Programming: Snoopy (PHP class - )
  GroupAgent      SOFTWING_TEAR_AGENT     Programming: Softwing Tear Agent (Active Server Pages)
  GroupAgent      Wget    Programming: Wget library (
  GroupAgent      WinHttp.WinHttpRequest  Program: WinHttp.WinHttpRequest library (Visual Basic)
  GroupAgent      Bison   Proxy: Proxomitron (
  GroupAgent      BorderManager   Proxy Novell Border Manager Security Suite
  GroupAgent      CE-Preload      Proxy: Cisco Content Engine
  GroupAgent      DA      Proxy: DA
  GroupAgent      junkbuster      Proxy: junkbuster (
  GroupAgent      AppleWebKit     Safari (OSX)
  GroupAgent      BFS_method      BeOS browser
  GroupAgent      Camino  Mozilla-based browser Camino (OSX)
  GroupAgent      iCab    iCab (Mac)
  GroupAgent      Konqueror       Konqueror
  GroupAgent      Links   Links (Text-based browser)
  GroupAgent      Lynx*   Lynx    (Text-based browser)
  GroupAgent      NCBrowser       NCBrowser (RISC OS)
  GroupAgent      Opera   Opera
  GroupAgent      SlimBrowser     SlimBrowser (
  GroupAgent      w3m     w3m (Text-based browser - )
  GroupAgent      rv:1.4  Mozilla 1.4
  GroupAgent      3.01    Navigator 3.01 (16-bit version)
  GroupAgent      4.01    Internet Explorer 4.01
  GroupAgent      5.01    Internet Explorer 5.01
  GroupAgent      5.0     Internet Explorer 5.0
  GroupAgent      5.23    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.22    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.21    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.17    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.16    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.15    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.14    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.13    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.12    Internet Explorer (Mac)
  GroupAgent      5.5     Internet Explorer 5.5 (Windows)
  GroupAgent      6.0     Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows)
  GroupAgent      Mozilla/3.04Gold        Netscape 3.04 Gold
  GroupAgent      Mozilla/4.04    Netscape 4
  GroupAgent      Mozilla/4.06    Netscape 4
  GroupAgent      Mozilla/4.08    Netscape 4
  GroupAgent      Mozilla/4.5     Netscape 4.5
  GroupAgent      Mozilla/4.7     Netscape 4.7
  GroupAgent      Mozilla/4.8     Netscape 4.8
  GroupAgent      MSIE    Internet Explorer
  GroupAgent      Mozilla Netscape

Change the LogFile, OutputDir, HistoryName and IncrementalName paths to suit your needs.

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