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valknut (The Direct Connect client previously known as dcgui-qt)

  1. What is Direct Connect
  2. Introducing valkut
  3. Steg 1: Configuration
  4. Follow the rules

valknut used to be known as dcgui-Qt®, but had to change the name because Trolltech now requres all references to Qt® to include a ® symbol showing it is a trademark. Other projects have also been renamed reciently. ®, or ®, can not be included in filenames, so Open Source projects can not be named QT®.

valknut is a QT® based client for connecting to one or more Direct Connect hubs.

1. What is Direct Connect

  • A hub is a server where users can connect and search the files and folders shared by other users.
  • You will be required to share a minimum amount of data in order to connect to hubs.
    • Hubs require you to share everything between 1 and 1000 GB of data.
  • Direct Connect is only usefull for people who have a computer running 24/7 connected to the net.
  • Connected users have a given number of open slots, most users allow only three people downloading from them. Do use a low slot limit yourself, it is better to give few users good outgoing bandwith than to give ten users a 1KB/s connection.
  • You will be able to download anything from anyone connected to the same hub(s) as you.
    • You may have to wait a while in line for a free slot.
      • It is better to find a few good hubs and thay connected to them,
      • than to search all hubs, connect where you find free slots.
  • You may download files with misgiving filenames. There are sick people out there and things you should delete immediately after opening them the first time may appear on your screen.
  • Files shared on DC have TTH hash codes. These are identification stamps calulated from the files you share.
    • The hash codes allow you to verify that all the persons you are downloading from are sharing the same, identical file.
    • valknut allows you to search and sort by TTH codes.

2. Introducing valkut

valknut can be acquired from Packages are available for:

  • OSX
  • WIN32
  • Linux
    • Mandrake
    • SuSE
    • Debian
    • RedHat
    • Slackware
    • Fedora Core
    • Gentoo: emerge valknut
  • Unix
    • FreeBSD
  • Source code is available

Download and Install Valkut NOW !

Version 0.3.3 is started with valknut, versions <=0.3.2 is starte with dcgui-qt. valknut should find it's way into KDEs menu automatically, but chances are extremely high you will need to add it to Gnome manually on your distribution.

3. Steg 1: Configuration

valknut will start in English the first time you run it. Select File -> Options or press Ctrl-O to open the configuration dialog box. Use the arrow keys and tabulator to navigate through the different menu choices. Select the GUI tab and find your language (first option on the General sub-tab). valknut must be restarted before the language settings take effect.

valknut can automatically make thousands of new hubs available by using lists aquired from various sources. Go to the HUB lists tab and add these sources:


Click Save. Go to the Hub List view by

  • pressing Ctrl-U or
  • Action -> Hub List on the menu or
  • eller trykk på knappen på verktøylinjen.

Press the round reload-button to update the list of available hubs.

3.1. Identification

The first tab allows you to configure a nickname to use on the hubs, email and other information. There is no point in revealing your email, the field can be used to inform your country@continent instead.

Some hubs require you to have Add description Tag field turned on. This will make valknut add a description of your configuration in the comment field, revealing your bandwidth limits and the number of hubs you are connected to. This may cause you to be kicked anyway, because many hubs have restrictions as to how many hubs you can be connected to and how low limits you can have.

3.2. foo

4. Follow the rules

  -Grand-Champ-Bot-:  Scripted Rules: 
   #01 Minshare is 60GB 
   #02 2 Slots 
   #03 Only DC++/oDC++ allowed 
   Rules to be followed: 
   You may not enter this hub if you are affiliated with, represent, or are visiting on behalf of 
   Any form of law enforcement agency. 
   Any software corporation. 
   Any type of Internet Security Expert or hacker. 
   Any Internet Service Provider. 
  This hub, and the activities that it is intended for, is in all ways legal. 
  We do not condone nor encourage the distribution of \"warez\" or copyright works. 
  If any user participates in the illegal sharing of data, they assume any and all responsiblity 
  for their actions. If you enter this private hub and you are not agreeing to these terms, 
  you are violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act which stipulates that you can NOT 
  threaten anyone storing these files, and cannot prosecute any person affiliated with or connected 
  to this hub. By Entering you are agreeing to the above; If not, you must exit immediately! 
  You may not share anything which breakes the copyright laws of your country! 
  This hub, and the activities that it is intended for, is in all ways legal. 
  We advise people from sharing copyrighted or in any ways illegal material. 
  (This hub goes under Swedish law) 
   #01 Only Active Mode Users Allowed !!!! 
   #02 Don't use/share Chatt About fakeshare programs 
   #03 Don't share rape/animal/child or any other sick porn 
   #04 Don't share installed/windows/incomplete files 
   #05 Don't share *.tmp/*.eml files 
   #06 Don't share copies of your files 
   #07 Don't share faces of death 
   #08 Don't advertise for other hub/network 
   #09 Don't spam/flood/use bad language in the mainchat 
   #10 Don't paste big messages in the mainchat 
   #11 Don't close others downloads without giving a reason 
   #12 Don't disturb [M@CNET]OP,s if its not important 
   #13 English or Swedish in mainchat 
   #14 Use commonsense 
   #15 What [M@CNET]M@C says goes if not= ban 
   If you don't follow this 
   rules you will be kicked/banned
    Hub owner:       [-OWNER-]M@C 
    Network  :       [BBB][M@CNETWORK] 
    Founder & Owner: [-OWNER-]M@C       
  +help Shows the help window 
  +mac Shows info about the network 
  +rules Shows the rules 
  +motd Shows the MOTD 
  +myip Shows you IP-adress 
  +report <message> Sends message to OPs 
  /fav Adds this hub to your favourites 
  +helpme                                Swe Hjälp Txt Finns svar på det mesta mvh [-OWNER-]M@C 
  Webpage       Press>>  WWW.MACDC.SE  <<press 

Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

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