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BitTorrent Usage Guide: Learn how to use the most effective method of obtaining latest tv-series, movies and other entertainment

It allows distribution of very harge files quickly and effectivly because the outstream bandwidth is shared among the downloaders.

  1. What makes BitTorrent so excellent, and what is it's purpose?
  2. Software
  3. How do I use it?
  4. Facts
  5. Firewalls
  6. So where can I download torrents?
  7. More Links

BitTorrent is the ultimate file sharing tool for distributing huge files to a vast number of users. The tool is very popular for distributing Linux ISO images of the latest live-CD Linux distributions like Knoppix (knoppix live cd ISO images).

The bittorrent (official site) clients needs a hash file for the actual file you will be downloading and a tracker which connects downloading clients together and keeps track of who has what parts of the file being distributed The information files with the tracker adress and the hash code are called torrents.

You need to obtain the right torrent for the file(s) you want to download. The torrent is then loaded by a bittorrent client. This program then connects to the tracker given in the .torrent and then starts uploading and sharing with other downloaders.

1. What makes BitTorrent so excellent, and what is it's purpose?

bittorrent is the ultimate tool for 0-7 day hot software like Linux ISO images, movies, tv-series, music and anything else which can be stored digitally for that matter.

BitTornado running in a terminal.

Each .torrent file has a hard-coded tracker address all the clients connects to upon starting the transfer. Each client constantly reports back to the tracker all the chunks it has received and therefore can send others. A torrent becomes unusable if the tracker stops responding, and they usually do. A torrent also turns to wasted space when there are no users with 100% of the file (called seeders) left.

Bittorrent clients will only give you a good download speed if the other people who are downloading it give you a good upload speed. This can make some torrents slow, so please keep your bittorrent client running with the torrent open for 24 hours or as long as possible after you have finished downloading yourself.

It is very easy to find torrents for tv-series, movies and other fun on the Internet using search engines. You can search Google by searching for keyword filetype:torrent. USENet is a good place to get torrents for misc things. epguides is a good place to find tv-shows release dates.

2. Software

2.1. Download Clients

  • BitTorrent EXPERIMENTAL download client
  • BitTornado (aka bittorrent-theshadow)
    • BitTornado is a very nice client with many good features, most importantly max_upload_rate and max_uploads.
    • Example: --max_upload_rate 16 --max_uploads 2 my.torrent
    • Linux, BSD, OSX and Windows
  • G3 - BitTorrent
    • G3 aims to be the most visually appealing client.
    • Windows
  • Torrentflux is a PHP based torrent client that runs on a web server. This allows you to manage your downloads on a remote computer from anywhere.
    • Upload torrents or specify a URL
    • Read Torrent meta information, has themes, upload history.. and more.
    • Available languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish.
    • Requires Apache with PHP support and a MySql database (Windows or Linux)
  • Azureus is a very sweet full features Java based client
    • Azureus also allows you to manage your transfers remotely.
  • ABC (Yet Another Bittorrent Client) is becoming increasingly popular. Too bad the Linux version is 10 versions behind the Windows version.
    • Windows and Linux

thanks to ^aSe^

2.2. How to get information about a torrent

  • torrentsniff
    • torrentsniff is not a download client, but a handy tool for obtaining information about a .torrent (seeds/peers/contents).
  • torrentspy
    • torrentspy is a GUI tool for obtaining information about a .torrent.
    • Precompiled binaries are available for Windows.

3. How do I use it?

3.1. Basic Linux usage

original client & --url "http://urlto/foo.torrent" & --url "http://urlto/foo.torrent"

3.2. Basic Windows usage

Read the Howto at

4. Facts


  • A quick way to get everything fresh
  • Movies and tv-series are available years before they are shown in Europe


  • The original client uses much outgoing bandwidth
  • Only new files are available, tracker never last more than a month
  • It is hard to keep up to date with new files/pages/torrents

5. Firewalls

BitTorrent uses common ports 6881 to 6889. These should be forwarded to your local IP. In fact, you don't need to open more ports than 6881, since BT listens on that one by default and then goes higher until it stops at 6889. However, if you're running multiple torrents at once, you need to open one port per torrent.

6. So where can I download torrents?

The Pirate Bay and Isohunt v.s mainstream media.

6.1. Torrents can be Downloaded Here


Linux Torrents



6.2. Pornography** (18+)

6.3. Search Engines

6.4. Help Using BitTorrent

6.5. Links Only

7. More Links

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