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ftp servers

A glance at the common Linux ftp servers

  1. Public site: proftpd
  2. Other sites: glftpd
  3. Alternatives

1. Public site: proftpd

proftpd is your best choice. It has support for bandwith limiting, SQL auth, chrooted jail, different rulesets based on group and more.

2. Other sites: glftpd

For running a ftp site with a large number of unknown users who are encuraged to upload a given amount once in a while, you are looking for glftpd.

glftpd is very secure and the shared folder is in a chrooted jail. glftpd is the hardest alternative for n00bs yet supriseingly easy to get up and running smooth for leet nerds.

Like eggdrop the glftpd server is VERY configurable. That is also the only simularity between glftpd and eggdrop.

It is possible to have proftpd running on the ftp port and glftpd on say 150.

3. Alternatives

..If you are too stupid to realize you should be using proftpd or glftpd..

3.1. The obvious

By now you are probably sitting there all puzzeled wondering What's Wrong With Pure-FTPd?

Nothing. Pure-FTPd is fast, stable, more than good enough for production systems and even easy to get up and running.

It's just not.. well. NOT highly configurable. There. Got'ya. Apart from that, Pure-FTPd is great.

3.2. Small and Fast


3.3. LAN ftp servers

vsftpd (126 kB) is written with speed and security in mind and is the ftpd that will give you best performance on high bandwith sites and local networks.

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