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Step 5: Using Bookmarks for Searches and Quick Access

Bookmarks are used to store your faviourite web-sites so you don't need to remember them. Bookmarks can be used for so much more: You can create smart searches, bookmark all tabs in a folder and more.

  1. Search your faviourite search engine and other information searches from the location bar

1. Search your faviourite search engine and other information searches from the location bar


Open the Bookmarks Manager by choosing Bookmarks then Manage Bookmarks from the menu. You can do this with the keyboard shortcut ALT+B to access the Bookmarks menu then M to choose Manage Bookmarks.

Press ALT+B or click New Bookmark... in the Bookmarks Manager to create a new bookmark.

Now, make a new search. The secret to creating keyword search bookmarks is to use %s in the URL where your search query should be inserted. Searches at are done by search-result.php?search=keywords, the bookmark URL should therefore end with search-result.php?search=%s.

Enter the following information to try it out:

  • Name: Portage Search
  • Location:
  • Keyword: portage
  • Description Search the Gentoo Portage tree for software packages

This will allow you to enter portage keyword to search the Gentoo Portage tree using Typing portage irssi in the location bar will return something like this:

CTRL+B will show you your bookmarks as a searchable sidebar toolbar in Mozilla Firefox.


Press CTRL+B (or ALT+B then M) to enter the Bookmark Manager in Mozilla 1.x.

Select File -> New -> Bookmark from the menu to create a new bookmark.


The syntax is the same as for Firefox. Mozilla does not have a Description field, the other fields work just like they do in Firefox.

1.1. Gentoo Linux Searches

1.2. Cool Searches

  • Name: Wikipedia - The Free Enclyclopedia
    • Location:
    • Keyword: wp
  • Name: Wordreference - English Dictionary
    • Location:
    • Keyword: wordref
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