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Step 3: What is Java-Script?

Java-Script is a scripting language that allows websites to open windows, change their focus, do math and other useful things. Web-shops use Java-Script to let you view the total amount on the fly, banks typically use Java-Script for a number of things and requires it to be supported and enabled.

  1. How to enable / disable Java-Script in Mozilla 1.x
  2. How to enable / disable Java-Script in Firefox 9.x

Some sites must have Java-Script enabled to be used at all, other sites simply use it to display advertisement. The Google advertisement on the left of this page is displayed using Java-Script and is not shown in browsers without support it. This site, like many others, does not use Java-Script for any other purpose and you will only be missing links to related sites by browsing this site with Java-Script disabled.

A good strategy is to use two browsers, like Mozilla 1.x and Mozilla Firefox, and have one of them configured for general surfing and one for banks and other secure sites only. The browser for general purposes should have a strict security policy: Java-Script should be turned off, and websites should only be allowed to set session-cookies or be disallowed to set them at all. The other browser should be configured to allow Java-Script and perhaps allow some sites to set long-term cookies. You can archive this using a single browser by using different profiles for different purposes.

1. How to enable / disable Java-Script in Mozilla 1.x

Select Edit -> Preferences from the menu and Advanced -> Scripts & Plug-ins in the "preferences" dialog box.

2. How to enable / disable Java-Script in Firefox 9.x

Select Edit -> Preferences from the menu. Go to the Web Features tab.

There is a button "Advanced" where you can turn specific options on and off next toh the Enable Javascript checkbox.

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