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Step 2: Filtering away advertisements

Advertisements use your bandwidth, annoy you and make you buy things you have no real need for. There is no real reason to let yourself be fooled by advertisers, just replace those messages with blank spaces.

  1. Ignoring image advertisements with Mozilla 1.x
  2. Flash is the devil
  3. Say no to Pop-Up Windows

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1. Ignoring image advertisements with Mozilla 1.x

Open the settings dialog found at File -> Preferences and select Privacy & Security then Images. Here you can click Accept images that come from the originating server only. This effectively blocks a large number of advertisements because many sites use third party servers with the sole purpose of serving image ads.

Be aware that some sites actually serve images that are part of the normal content from different server addresses. If you find that this makes you miss out on important image content then choose Accept all images and use a different approach: Mozilla lets you right click on any image and select Block Images from this Server. By always doing this on all visible advertisements your browser will become virtually add-free within a week. The pr. site image permissions can be managed in the Privacy & Security -> Images dialog.

1.1. Firefox

Firefox also supports Block Images from <server> when right clicking on images. Select Edit -> Preferences from the menu to get the settings dialog, then select Web Features to manage site image permissions. This dialog also allows you to only allow images for the originating Web site only.

2. Flash is the devil

The flash plug-in can be used to view some funny cartoons and play a few games. But the main use of flash today is serving very annoying advertisements.

The solution is simple: Install Flashblock

Flashblock replaces all flash animations with a play button. No flash content is loaded without you first approving by pressing this button. Simply genius.

3. Say no to Pop-Up Windows

Some rude websites create new windows with advertisements when you enter the site and sometimes when you leave the site. These windows are created automatically without your consent and cause you harm because you are forced to waste time closing them. Mozilla can stop this kind of pollution for you.

Mozilla 1.x:

  1. Select Edit -> Preferences from the menu
  2. Select the tab Privacy & Security -> Popup Windows
  3. Click Block unrequested popup windows

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Select Edit -> Preferences from the menu
  2. Select the tab Web Features
  3. Click Block Popup Windows
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