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How to browse the Internet using the Mozilla 1.x and Mozilla Firefox browsers

Learn how you can browse effectively using the keyboard, filter away advertisements, make the fonts look nicer, ensure your privacy is not violated and more. Read on to discover the hidden secrets features of Mozilla 1.6+ and Firefox 9.x.

  1. This is Mozilla

1. This is Mozilla

The Mozilla foundation makes a rendering backend called Gecko. This engine is used by a number of browsers, the most known are those produced by the Mozilla foundation itself:

  • The Mozilla Suite is a Internet application suite featuring
    • the Mozilla browser,
    • a sophisticated e-mail and newsgroup client,
    • a dull IRC chat client,
    • and a frontpage-like simple HTML editor and
    • a schedule calendar (new from 1.6).
    • Luckily the individual parts are ./configure flags on Linux, you are free not to compile the less elegant parts of the (huge) package. The browser users the Gecko rendering engine to show pages.
  • Mozilla Firefox is Mozilla's next generation browser. It also uses Gecko, but has a totally different graphical user interface. Firefox is becoming extremely popular and may already be the worlds most used browser.

This is Mozilla 1.7:

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