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Bandwidth Monitors

Simple small programs to monitor your bandwidth

  1. bmon
  2. slurm

1. bmon

bmon (66 kB) is a very nice realtime network trafic monitor.

It allows you to switch between all network interfaces and view at whats speeds the average load and peeks are in a very sensible way, all the time showing a nice overview of all the interfaces.

bmon is something that should be installed on all routers, even those who are headless.

2. slurm

slurm (54 kB) does a decent job at showing the network usage on a interface with colour graphs, but it is just not as good as bmon. It must be started with a desired interface as a command line option like slurm -i eth0, there is no way of switching between interfaces while running.

slurm does the job, but it is not your best choice.

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