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Learn how to use the X11 clipboard to copy and paste objects like images, tables and other elements between supported applications.

You can cut, copy and paste almost anything between supported applications: images, tables, text formatting like bold and italic, URLs and almost all other elements for that matter. Too bad supported applications currently means, Mozilla and KDE based.

Inserting screenshots and images

Using KDE 3.x and want to insert a screenshot of a program in your document? Make the window you want to photograph active, press Alt+Print to take a snap and place it on the clipboad, jump back to KWord or Writer and press ctrl-v. KDE 3.x users can also press Ctrl+Print (most schemas) or Win+Print (4 modifier key schema) to capture the whole screen.

You can not copy or paste between the most important Linux graphics program Gimp and the most important office suites and KOffice.

Kolourpaint and all other KDE programs with image support allows you to copy and paste graphics freely.

Tips on copying text with elements and formatting

You can mark a big table of numbers on a website in Mozilla, switch to a Spreadsheet and press the third mouse button to paste the table into proper cells. Pasting into Writer creates a table with your numbers. Pretty much all elements on web pages are copied correctly from Mozilla 1.x and Firefox.

But what if you only want the pure text, not all the formatting when copying text form applications who include formatting when they copy text to the clipboard? Simple. Open any pure text editor, meaning any editor without support for such elements. Copy your text into the text editor, the formatting will be ignored simply because it's not supported. Now mark the text you just inserted to get a clean copy of the text.

Fully support elements with cut and paste:

  • 1.1 and 1.2
  • KDE 3.2 and 3.3, Kolourpaint and other applications
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Mozilla Firefox 0.9+

Inserts and exports text-only:

  • Abiword
  • The GIMP

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