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KDE 4.8.1 released

A new minor version of the KDE desktop is out at it has a many, but not nearly enough, bugfixes.

The new version contains many bugfixes for the platforms underlying workings. It has a few bug fixes for Kopete, many important fixes for Dolphin and a lot of fixes for KGeography and umbrello.

KDE still has many annoying bugs and it still has a long way to go before it becomes a stable and usable platform and application suite.

The KDE PIM suite is specially broken, and the new release only included fixes for kalarm. Filtering incoming messages in KMail is broken, sometimes the same e-mail is listed 50+ times in the message list, moving messages cause unexpected results and so on. The summary of KDE bug 295474 accurately describes the state of KMail: "kmail 4.8.1 crashes all the time".

You still only need to visit 10 random websites to crash the KDE Konqueror web browser. And so on.

The file dialog box used by KDE has been accessing all local and remote disks for a few versions now, and this is still the case. You can therefore forget suspending your harddrives under this desktop. If you use another desktop where disks to spend down and start a simple KDE application and do File -> Open then you will find yourself waiting for ages for the disks to spin up.

A disk and CPU hogging virus called nepomøkk is started by default when you login. It basically makes your desktop useless for hours unless you turn it off using KDEs systemsettings.

It would be great to be able to write that "A new KDE version is out and it is great!", but you will find that this is far from the case if you try to use it for your daily routine.

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