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Avidemux 2.5.6 Simple Video Editor Released

A new version of the simple video editor Avidemux is released. It restores support for AC3 and MP2 encoding, improves x264 support and it also improves Windows XP and 7 support

The last version of Avidemux, version 2.5.5, introduced some regressions. These are fixes in version 2.5.6, and it also includes better compatibility with flash FLV files.

Avidemux is a simple video editor and conversion tool designed for simple cutting and conversion.

The full official changelog, as leaked at, is:

  • Restored AC3 and MP2 encoding (regression introduced 2.5.5)
  • Added support for latest x264 core
  • Better compatibility with some FLV files
  • Updated the FFmpeg libraries (version 0.9)
  • Drag-and-drop no longer blocks source application for Qt interface
  • Resolved Windows XP 32-bit stability issues (regression introduced 2.5.5)
  • Windows 7 taskbar now displays encoding progress
  • Improved crash reporting on Windows especially Win64
  • Compilation fixes for OS X Snow Leopard and Lion (thanks to nibbles)
  • Various minor fixes and enhancements

The latest version can be downloaded from the official BerliOS page at

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