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CentOS 6.1 Released almost a year after RHEL 6.1

The 6.1 release of the free version of RHEL is finally released. The release comes just as RHEL itself is moving on to version 6.2.

It took 240 days since RHEL 6.0 was released before CentOS 6.0 finally came about. The 6.1 version came 204 days later. It is safe to say that CentOS is somewhat lagging behind. The CentOS developers aim to medigate this by switching to a Continuous Release model. 6.2 will be rolled out as updates to version 6.1 until 6.2 itself is finally released.

CentOS is a free version of the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. It is the ideal choice for production servers. It is stable, updates never break anything and it just works.

CentOS 5 is still supported and currently at version 5.7, so there is no need run off to upgrade

The official release story can be read on the projects mailing list.

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