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Eyemagnet Limited to sponsor Gnash development

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Gnash is a GNU project which aims to replace Adobes propietary Flash player. The project needs more good programmers. Now a small corporation in New Zealands is offering to pay developers to work on the project. Eyemagnet needs Gnash for their own purposes, so they do not mind spending a small amount in order to improve the technology.

Steve Castellotti posted this to the Gnash mailing list on March 12th:

  [Gnash-dev] cash for gnash
  From: Steve Castellotti <>  (Eyemagnet Limited)
  Thu Mar 12 08:20:54 2009
  hey all-
      I'd like to float an idea, see if anyone is interested.
      I'm the technical director for a company called Eyemagnet. We used
  [almost] 100% Open Source software to create interactive advertising
  installations and exhibitions. We've done screens at Times Square,
  texting SMS messages and votes for encore songs at live concerts,
  motion-detection "games" similar to Eyetoy, and so on.
      The only bit of software we use which isn't Open Source is of course
  the Adobe Flash Player. We're attempting to fill that gap by helping to
  contribute to the Gnash project.
      In fact we've started doing that already. A few months back we hired
  a student worker to help us create a series of plugins and code (a
  Python module) for Compiz Fusion.
      We've contributed a few patches to Gnash already and I believe one
  has already made it into the latest release, 0.8.5.
      We're still a small organization but are trying our best to be
  active and contributing members of the Open Source community. We already
  have more hours of work than our existing crew can handle.
      So my question is, is anyone interested in picking up a few paid
  hours of Gnash development time?
      Going forward our main focus will be on performance improvements to
  the rendering engine (ideally OpenGL), and helping establish a set of
  "recommended practices" for anyone who wishes to develop content
  specifically targeting the Gnash player.
      Everything to be released back to the project under the GPL license
  of course.
      If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me off-list.
  We're pretty relaxed around how to structure any agreements and are
  happy to sponsor any work for college credit where appropriate.
  Steve Castellotti
  Eyemagnet Limited
  New Zealand

Nice, huh?

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