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Flash Player 9 Update Release Candidate available

Adobe has released an updated release candidate of their proprietary software flash player. It has some new features such as support for H.264 video, but it really does not matter as the license remains totally unacceptable.

0.1. New RC version

Many modern websites use flash for various purposes. Adobe has now released a new RC version of their proprietary software flash player and it has some new features, including:

* Support for H.264 video and HE-AAC audio codecs. * Multi-core support for vector rendering. * Full screen mode with hardware scaling. * Flash Player cache for common platform components, such as the Flex framework. * Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) in the Windows plug-in.

0.2. So what?

It really does not matter much what features their flash player has as the End User License Agreement remains outrageous and totally unacceptable. It is NOT free software and the source code is NOT available, which means that it can contain numerous backdoors, spyware and all kind of evil.

You should NOT submit to Adobe's propaganda-campaign which aims at making you install the software, nor should you support or use websites who use flash partly or entirely.

0.3. Please help

You really can make a difference by pressuring Adobe to release their flash player under a license which respects your basic freedoms and basic human rights by complaining to them using their Adobe Flash Player 9 Feedback Form.

The official Adobe propaganda blog for their proprietary software flash player is

0.4. GNU alternative

GNU gnash is a free as in freedom alternative which allows you to play flash video files at sites such as youtube.

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