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KDE 3.5.7 Released

The seventh maintenance release of KDE 3.5 supports 65 languages, adds a few new features to the KDE PIM package and has piles of bug-fixes.

It's only a maintenance release. All the cool new stuff is being added to the upcoming KDE 4 (first alpha is available).

"Release Announcement" story is that this release has most bug-fixes to the KDE PIM and KDE Games packages. However, full changelog to 3.5.7 indicates that there are valuable fixes to KHTML (used by all HTML-rendering KDE programs), kdelibs, kate and the various KDE educational packages also.

There is no reason to upgrade immediately since nothing indicates that major critical bugs were found nor closed during this release cycle, however, upgrading is likely worth doing once packages for your favorite distribution become available.

See the KDE website or your distributions site for more information.

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