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> Linux Reviews > News and headlines > 2007 News archive > February > videos available was a GNU/Linux conference held January 15 through January 19 at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Alright (384x288) quality OGG videos from the conference are now available. (LCA) is a regular Linux conference in Australia. Their story, according to "About", is that " is one of the world's best Open Source and Free Software developer community conferences".

Videos from this years conference can now be downloaded from this years official "Conference Programme" page.

The videos cover interesting topics like disc encryption, how to use GIMP, the future plans for GNOME and a huge amount of other videos who are much likely worth viewing if you are more interested in GNU/Linux than most people. All the videos amount to days of viewing.

The topics covered in the conference was not anywhere near as the ones in the topics in the 23C3 videos, but then again was about Linux, where as 23C3 was about security and trust.

The were about 800 attendees this year's LCA.

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