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New exam prep tutorials from New Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

LPI allows you to take exams in order to get proof of your Linux skills. Now 8 new tutorials are available to help you prepare for the system administrator certification Exam 201. Taking this exam can give you proof of your Linux wisdom so you have something concrete to put on your CV rather than just I am a big geek who knows Linux so please hire me.

The new tutorials cover the Linux kernel, service and file sharing, system customization and automation, and more. Here they are (The links require you to have a IBM ID):

- LPI exam 201 prep: Linux kernel
Topic 201. Learn to understand, compile, and customize a Linux kernel. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to configure and customize the kernel to fit your exact requirements.

- LPI exam 201 prep: System startup
Topic 202. Learn the steps a Linux system goes through during system initialization, and how to modify and customize those behaviors for your needs.

- LPI exam 201 prep: Filesystem
Topic 203. Learn how to control the mounting and un-mounting of filesystems, examine existing filesystems, create filesystems, and perform remedial actions on damaged filesystems.

- LPI exam 201 prep: Hardware
Topic 204. Learn how to add and configure hardware to a Linux system, including RAID arrays, PCMCIA cards, other storage devices, displays, video controllers, and other components.

- LPI exam 201 prep: File and service sharing
Topic 209. Learn how to use a Linux system as a networked file server using any of several protocols supported by Linux.

- LPI exam 201 prep: System maintenance
Topic 211. Learn the basic concepts of system logging, software packaging, and backup strategies.

- LPI exam 201 prep: System customization and automation
Topic 213. Learn some basic approaches to scripting and automating system events such as report and status generation, cleanup, and general upkeep.

- LPI exam 201 prep: Troubleshooting
Topic 214. Building on material covered in more detail in earlier tutorials, learn what you can do when things go wrong.

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